Our collective grief, a call for change

A world where all people are valued, their voices are heard and their impact is felt.

This ‘vision statement’ was approved as part of The Arc Baltimore’s strategic plan last fall. While our focus is always on individuals with developmental disabilities, we very intentionally wanted this vision to be inclusive of all people. There is no greater urgency to reflect and take action than in this time of pandemic and collective grief in Baltimore and our country since the death of George Floyd.

The Arc Baltimore would like to acknowledge the pain and trauma experienced by African American/black people since his killing. We must all take responsibility for the decades of oppression and racial injustice that led us to this moment in time and take ownership over what happens next. We will be actively seeking new partnerships to further our own awareness of and understanding of our role in contributing to this change – not only for people with developmental disabilities who we support and our staff, but for every citizen in this country.

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. – DESMOND TUTU





2 Responses to “Our collective grief, a call for change”

  1. This is an awesome step in the right direction! Will your company be looking into making Juneteenth(June 19th) a paid holiday for your employees, honoring the freedom of African-Americans who were captured, tortured & enslaved ?

    • Chris Knoerlein

      Hello T.C., I plan to share your comment with our CEO. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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