Transitioning Youth

Transitioning Youth comprise a special category of eligibility and priority for services. Through the Governor's Transitioning Youth Initiative, the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), in collaboration with the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DORS), has been able to fund supported employment and other day services for eligible graduating students who otherwise may not have received DDA services.

For an individual to be eligible for the Governor's Transitioning Youth Initiative (GTYI) he or she must apply for services through the DDA and be found fully eligible as developmentally disabled. The "DD" eligibility criteria state that the person has a severe chronic disability that:

  • Is attributable to a physical or mental impairment, other than the sole diagnosis of mental illness, or to a combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • Is manifested before the individual attains the age of 22;
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • Results in an inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance;
  • Reflects the need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary or generic care, treatment, or other services that are individually planned and coordinated for the individual.

Additionally, the student is eligible from his/her 21st birthday until his/her 22nd birthday. If the date of graduation is after the individual's 21st birthday, the individual shall continue to be eligible for one year after the date of graduation.

How and When to Get Started: 

Be prepared when the student has reached the date of graduation. We’ve developed informative TY guides designed to help you navigate through the process of applying for needed services for the student who is:

For more information:


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