COVID-19 Stories

On a daily basis, we hear inspiring stories about how our direct support professionals are counseling, comforting, and even saving lives. Our staff has been asked to do so much more during this crisis and they have risen to the challenge.

For those who we support at their homes, our Community Living coordinators and DSP staff ensured that Easter traditions were still celebrated despite social distancing. Many helped people virtually connect with family, dye eggs, and receive Easter baskets. Thank you! #WeAreEssential #DSPsAreEssential
Since Ms. Joyce cannot make her regular manicure appointment, DSP Megg brought the spa to her! #WeAreEssential #DSPsAreEssential
DSP Heather meets virtually with Anthony early on during the pandemic to talk about what is COVID-19, how does it impact people and how we can stay safe.
This is Family Living Staff Elizabeth Wadsworth working remotely with Autumn Bowman. With guidance from Elizabeth, Autumn is completing tasks like making dinner and tidying her home almost independently, and this helps Autumn’s parents greatly.
Karen loves crafts and finds them very calming. DSP Crystal has helped Karen purchase a variety of holiday themed items, and they enjoy working on them together.
Karyin loves playing all types of card games and has been in some heated battles of War and Go Fish with DSP Corey.
All of our frontline DSPs have been vital to providing comfort and guidance to people at their homes throughout this crisis. However, we can’t go without giving a special shout out to Johnnie and Christina, who along with James, Ron and Jonathan, have had one creative idea after another. Along with their standout Tik Tok videos, they’ve screen printed their own quarantine shirts, opened up a snowball stand, hosted a paint night where they created “QuaranTina” the dog, and held a carwash. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next. #DSPsAreEssential #WeAreEssential


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