Apply for Services

First, before an individual can begin The Arc Baltimore’s application process to receive on-going services, an individual needs to have applied for and been approved for funding through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Information and DDA applications can be obtained at DDA’s website:

DDA Website
DDA Application
DDA Application (in Spanish)

Then, contact Bob Fonte in The Arc’s Outreach Department at 410-296-2272, ext. 5310 to begin The Arc Baltimore’s application process. The Arc Baltimore outreach staff can assist you in completing both the DDA and The Arc Baltimore applications, and can come to your home if necessary.

The Arc Baltimore Application (English)
The Arc Baltimore Application (Large type)
The Arc Baltimore Application (Spanish)

Send the completed application to:

Bob Fonte
The Arc Baltimore
7215 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212-4499

Apply for Respite Care services:

Access more information and the application on our Respite Care page.

Apply for Low Intensity Support Services (LISS):