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The Arc Baltimore Family Fund is used by outreach staff to assist people with developmental disabilities or their families. As a flexible resource, the fund can be used for crises such as eviction prevention or utility turnoff, as well as needs not covered by insurance like some therapies, eyeglasses, wheelchair ramps, or other therapeutic equipment, games or activities such as horseback riding. It is also available to help with special needs to improve one’s life, such as camps, art lessons, or a gym membership for swimming. Other uses for the fund include - initial replacement funding up to $200 per child for clothes, toiletries, and outerwear. The fund can be used for car seats, pack n' plays, side rails for beds and emergency medical funding for copays and medications. The fund is comprised of contributions from individual donors, staff, and grants. People with disabilities or their families can apply, or referrals from other service agencies may be accepted.


  • Living with their family or on their own in Baltimore City or Baltimore County.
  • Someone in the family must have a documented intellectual/developmental disability
  • Maximum of $500 once every 12 months
  • May not be in the autism waiver or DDA services with another DDA provider
  • Can be receiving DDA services if they are in limited services with The Arc Baltimore (not Community Living)
  • Must complete the referral form and provide proof of disability
  • The vendor must complete a W9 form (if not already in The Arc Baltimore system)
  • If the Family Fund is paying a portion of the total cost, you must provide info on how the balance will be paid (family contribution, grant, insurance, energy assistance, etc.)

For further information, contact 410-296-2272 for Outreach, or /


A project of The Arc Baltimore's Family Fund

Apply for (up to) $1,000 for summer camp or programming!

The Arc Baltimore is pleased to announce the availability of funds – up to $1,000 – for summer camp or recreational programming for children or adults with developmental disabilities who live in Baltimore City/County. After two tough years of the pandemic, we want to bring back some summer fun with the help of our Family Fund.

Anyone who has a financial need can apply below. Opportunity will end on 6/30/22.


Currently, we are not accepting applications until further notice.

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