The Arc Baltimore’s Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles PDF


The Arc Baltimore supports people with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives with a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaningful relationships.


A world where all people are valued, their voices are heard, and their impact is felt.


Unity – We are stronger together. [+]

The Arc Baltimore believes we must build a shared community that brings together people with disabilities, family members, professionals, advocates, and other collaborators with a unity of purpose for a stronger community. We respect every person’s inherent value and welcome diverse viewpoints that lead to truly inclusive practices where all belong and know they matter. Partnerships will be bound by strong communication and a clear vision.
Innovation – We push the bar forward. [+]

The Arc Baltimore believes that the challenges we face now require the same innovative thinking utilized by our founders. We will continue to open new doors and seek fresh ideas and possibilities at every level. We believe expectations matter and, through visionary leadership, will strive for more. We will continue to push boundaries and consider all that may be possible if we can free ourselves of perceived constraints. We will advocate wherever and whenever necessary.
Excellence – We are constantly improving. [+]

The Arc Baltimore is committed to a consistent realization of program quality that is responsive to person-driven expectations as well as high-level standards that are attainable, yet aspirational. At our core, the value of each person we support drives us to seek out and achieve excellence throughout our organization.
Integrity – We are trustworthy. [+]

The Arc Baltimore is accountable to those we support and their families when our practices are open and transparent with all stakeholders, our systems of compensation are fair, and our communications are consistent and reciprocal. We are financially sustainable and assure public trust.

Guiding Principles

Person-Driven [+]

The Arc Baltimore is built on a long history of outstanding supports to people with disabilities. As we continue our focus on person-driven change, we ensure that it is the person we support who defines their “fulfilling life” and each in their own way, with experiences, choices, and responsibilities. These in turn direct the agency’s operations and future.
Building Relationships [+]

We believe that a key component of a fulfilling life is meaningful relationships. Most often a first meaningful relationship is with family – parents, siblings and extended relations. In addition, relationships can be developed with co-workers, neighbors, friends with or without disabilities, roommates, and others who may be central to a person’s happiness. The agency is committed to supporting people to develop and maintain connections that are important to them.
Purpose Driven [+]

All people contribute and bring value. The Arc Baltimore applies a purpose-driven approach to supporting people in finding how their unique abilities and interests can impact their community, whether through paid employment, volunteering or simply connecting with others. For those who desire work, a real discovery process can match each job seeker with the needs of an employer.  All work has dignity. Likewise, the pursuit of recreation, faith, learning, and other enriching opportunities are passageways to belonging to and contributing to the broader community.
Teamwork [+]

To do this important work, we attract and retain a diverse and qualified workforce. We invest in them through fair compensation, exceptional training, and effective and supportive management. We appreciate and recognize the value of every staff member, especially direct support professionals. Through a strong team, we provide holistic supports that reinforce the person-driven approach.