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Valentine’s Day is coming, and we are so looking forward to spring. December and January were tough months at The Arc, and the pandemic has made for an overall tough couple of years.

We want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by sharing some love. Let’s get something going on our social media pages and our website and appreciate each other. We know our staff has appreciated the bravery of the people we support and their families. And we know our staff has held each other up in the worst of times. And we’ve heard from families grateful for all we’ve done to try and keep people safe, provide fun times on zoom, find people new jobs, and be there for those who need us.

So, we propose that we all share some love.

Post a message of appreciation and care below for someone in The Arc family. Whether your message is to a family member, a staff, or someone we support, share some love. It will be uplifting for all of us to see the positivity, and we’ll combine them all so we can share after the holiday.




"Thank you to our entire community. I have had many sleepless nights since COVID began. But I was lifted up over and over again. There are too many to try to share here, but I am eternally grateful to our team, to our board, to our families and donors, and most importantly, the people we support who kept me going. Thank you for the love you have shown to me."

"Thank you to our Senior Management Team, Katy, Kim, Tracy, Stephanie, Kim, Joanna, and our newest team member, Frank. You have been a tremendous team navigating this organization through the pandemic and beyond. I know the decisions have been challenging, and the chaos and demands constant over the last few years. You are an amazing, talented, and committed group of leaders!"


"I appreciate you Kelly Bell for being the most supportive Director ever! Thank you Bridget Roth for making dreams come true!"

"Rose! I am so happy we are friends! Miss Tammy"

"Kathleen, Thank you for all you have done to keep everyone moving forward and for being a pillar of strength throughout the pandemic!"

"Katy McGuire, You are an amazing advocate and I appreciate all the support you provide me. Thank you!"

"Beth Lewis, You are an amazing DSP. Thank you for being a constant force in George's life."

"Darlene Graham, I appreciate all you do to provide excellent support to Jovan. You always make every day special and I appreciate you!"

"Heather Edwards, Thank you for all you do to provide support to Anthony and Jacob. I love that you are always looking for something new to do and that you are so flexible. Thank you for being a consistent presence throughout the pandemic."

"Thank you Amanda Lewis for all of the work you do. Your patience is so appreciated!"

"Shanell Hawks, I am so glad you are on my team! It is a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your flexibility."

"Miss Norma Johnson, Thank you for always being so joyful I appreciate you!"

"Quashi, I appreciate the exceptional support you provide to TJ. You are always willing to try new things and that is awesome!!!!"

"Julia Noullet, Thank you for all you do to support Chris! I know he is happy every day you work together. Thank you!!!"

"Michelle Robinson, I appreciate your willingness to be so flexible and to be a constant presence for Brigid. I appreciate you!"

"Corey Scott, thank you for providing excellent support to Kenny and Karyin. I appreciate your willingness to be flexible and to work through the pandemic. I appreciate all you do!"

"Stephen Williams, Thank you for all the support and for the effort you put into your work each day. I always enjoy hearing about what you and Eric are doing. Thank you for all you do!"

"Catherine Wren, Thank you for all you do! I appreciate your patience and flexibility throughout the pandemic. Thanks for all you do!"

"Debbie Gnibus, you are amazing and make everyday fun on zoom classes! You are an amazing person and I am so blessed to know you and to work alongside you! You are a Rockstar!"


"I would like the whole of The Arc Baltimore's employment team to know that they are such an essential part of this organization...please know that each & every member are truly appreciated & loved!!!"


"I would like to share some love with my entire Project SEARCH Family. I truly appreciate having a supportive staff that continues to go above and beyond. I appreciate our interns and their families for being patient with our program as we get through this pandemic. I love you all!!!"


"I want to share love to the SETON Trailblazers. The cohesiveness of this team is unmatchable. Each one of you shows pride and passion for every mission that comes. Shareen Brown-Jones, a burst of Love to you for holding it together when the adhesive seems to be thinning. I am PROUD to be a Seton Trailblazer!"


"I love you, George Chatman. You are Great. "


"Thank you to the entire HR team for your exceptional work during my first year at The Arc. You guys are AMAZING!"


"To All The Staff of The Arc, You deserve all the praises for working with those who couldn't get out during this pandemic. Thank you for bringing the supplies and making sure we got to still celebrate the holidays. I thank Mrs. Catherine for getting my son and others a tablet and helping them go virtual. Everyone, have a blessed and safe Valentine's Day."


"To know Paul Eaton is to love Paul Eaton. He is a happy-go-lucky guy and he enjoys all the staff and friends at The Arc. Happy Valentine's Day, ladies and gentlemen. "


"I want to SHARE SOME LOVE with the Business Services team and the entire employment division, You're the best! Thank you for all you do. The Annex team rocks!"


"My love is for both the creative and hardworking Development Team as well as the many dads part of our monthly support group who look out for each other in countless ways!"


"I thank the Arc for showing continuous support for our daughter Francine Jones. We’ve seen her go through many positive transitions throughout her life because of the love and care she has and continues to receive. Want to send a special thank you to Meagan Andrade who continually assures Francine is employed in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you Ms. Meagan and The Arc Happy Valentines Day"


"Shout out to the whole Ops team for working behind the scene to keep things going for those on the frontline. Thank you."


"❤Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I am a part of the Zoom Team, and I am so happy to see our participants come online each day. We each have made a difference in each other's lives over this difficult time. I am so lucky to have been a part of this fantastic group. ❤"


"I want to show love to my son Jared who works for The Arc! I know this time during the pandemic has been challenging but you keep showing up for your guys! Your care and dedication say so much about who you are deep down inside! I love you!"


"The training department just wanted to say we appreciate all of the staff who come to training and share their knowledge and experiences. We learn a lot from you too and appreciate all of your hard work supporting The Arc Baltimore mission!"


"Shout out to my amazing coordinators in Family Living! Tammy - your energy, advocacy, and love for your staff, individuals, and families are so contagious! Don’t ever change that! Dana - I appreciate your drive to keep evolving, growing yourself, your staff, and our department. You are a Rockstar! Lakeia - thank you for always being person-focused and making sure your individuals are living their best lives! You are making a difference daily! Shameka - you hit the ground running in your new role and are doing wonderful things! Your positivity is so uplifting, and I appreciate all you are doing! "

"Thank you to the entire Community Living Team!!! I know these times have not been easy, but just know your consistency, presence, and work have not gone unnoticed! Those you support have appreciated it the most! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"Hello!! I want to share a funny love joke with everyone at The Arc to laugh and smile for Valentine's Day!
What did the blueberry say to the other on Valentine's Day? (I love you berry much!)"


"To Barbara Freeman Once again we just want to say Thank You for all you do."


"Thank you to the amazing staff at The Arc for all that you do every day. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated. "


"We want to share the love with Chris Knoerlein, Katy McGuire, Tammy Kaskel, and everyone in The Arc family for all they do for our entire community. We appreciate the monthly support groups and all of the other ways that The Arc supports families. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in The Arc community! We are so fortunate for all that you do!"


"The dedicated commitment of everyone at the Arc is fantastic! The desire to provide and succeed in person-centeredness is being demonstrated daily. The pandemic has been hard on everyone; I thank you for all you do each and every day!"


"Katy McGuire is my valentine❤️‍🔥"


"The Rosners would like to thank Kevin O’Brien, Dan’s job coach, for his constant stabilizing influence on all of us. He is the best!"


"Wishing everyone at The Arc a Happy Valentine's Day! Sending a Valentine Hug to the Zoom Team! They're the greatest!! 💕"


"Right from the start, I gave you my heart, David, Ernest, James, Kevin, Stephen, Elisha, Keyata, Laurie, Sheneka! At your own peril and with so much going on in your own personal lives, you continue to dedicate yourself to the needs of others. Your passion has not waned; you have sustained the people we support through an extraordinary time. Your support also sustains me. I Love you!"

"Sending my love to you, Alethia, for all the joy and excitement you brought to zoom classes, special in-person classes, and inviting me to participate. The joy you gave to people showed me why we must never stop the struggle to continue."

"Renee, Donna, and Freamon, I just love you, ladies! Thanks for putting up with me!"


"I would like to share some love with our entire Operations Team! Fleet, Facilities, IT, Safety, QS, Office Management, Compliance, and Information Systems - the time and effort that you put in every day is amazing! Thank you for all the much-needed, Do-Whatever-It-Takes mindset, over the last two hectic years! You all Rock!!"


"Thank You To All The Amazingly Talented and Patient Arc Zoom Instructors! You are such a blessing to me and to my Arc friends!"


"I'm submitting a 'heartfelt THANKS' to my fellow admin assistants, Anita Zellner, Kassi Dorsey, Katie Paff, and Regina Campbell. It is a joy to work with you. I appreciate the many ways you all support me whether it is work-related or of a personal nature. To me, you all are 'superstars!' Thank you for making my job easier!"


"To everyone who is a natural support to a person with a disability, your role is so important - lots of love to you! "


"I want to share the love for the Clinical team at The Arc. They are committed to ensuring that everyone they support feels valued, appreciated, and respected. They are a great group of people!"

"The Foster Care department is made up of an amazing group of staff and parents. I love how they work together to support some of the most vulnerable youth in Maryland. Their dedication is second to none."

"Katie, Michelle, JK, Kathy, and everyone that assists with the training department do great work every day to make sure that our staff has all of the tools they need to do a terrific job."


"Massive love and appreciation to the entire Trailblazer Team for all that you do, seen and unseen, every day to move it forward! With changes coming all the time and demands from every which way - heck, throw in a pandemic - you all rise to pandemic proportions every day. You are loved and appreciated. Thank you for offering your talents here at The Arc Baltimore and being part of this awesome team!"

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