Aimee Eliason: Digital Whiz Who’s Moving Up

Aimee Eliason: Digital Whiz Who’s Moving Up

Aimee Eliason‘s employment journey started when she entered our Career Catalyst internship program during its inaugural year in 2014. The program office was located in Hunt Valley at the time, and Aimee quickly found a job at the neighboring Strategic Factory. However, she is the kind of employee who is so talented that she worked herself out of a job. For four years, she was the file clerk assigned to digitize Strategic Factory’s files. She finished much sooner than anticipated, which meant she had to find another job.

Aimee was prepared. The Career Catalyst staff jumped right in and supported Aimee during her job search. A lightbulb went off for the program’s Director Terri Spurrier who recently connected with the owner of MD-Brand who was in need of hard working employees. She knew that Aimee would like the creative environment at their company. After a tour of their facilities, Aimee knew this was the place for her.

In 2018, Aimee began working full-time for MD-Brand. As an artist, she is particularly suited to her duties. She screen prints t-shirts, tags them, operates the folding machine and matches paint colors for the stenciling machine. “I smile every day because I love my job. I’ve never been happier,” she says. And the company feels the same about her.

Then, a couple years later, Aimee pitched an idea for a new t-shirt design for the Puppie Love brand, and MD-Brand provided her the opportunity to design it – the Lightning Bolt Pup shirt.

woman against brick wall holding pic of Puppie Love t-shirt

Because of the success of the shirt, MD-Brand promoted her to an in-house artist where she designs for their Kittie Kittie brand. Just recently, MD-Brand launched their Cartoon Collection which features five designs by Aimee including her popular shirt, Octopus Kittie. See below.


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