From 1 to 1536: Our COVID Vaccine Clinic Story

From 1 to 1536: Our COVID Vaccine Clinic Story

In early January, our operations team mapped out a schedule of nine vaccine clinics with partner CVS Pharmacy that fully vaccinated 768 people with disabilities, staff, foster parents, and some family members who qualified as staff during the pandemic. The clinics required thousands of hours of work. From detailed logistics way beyond what we imagined, to hundreds of phone calls, registration forms, and most importantly perhaps, education and encouragement to as many as possible to get the vaccine. We rose to the challenge to save lives. Sixty-five staff members made it possible to put on the clinics, directing traffic, checking paperwork, taking temperatures, calming those who were nervous, monitoring those vaccinated for the required 15 minutes, and recording exact times in and out for contact tracing. We learned as we went until it was a well-oiled machine. Many staff volunteered at multiple clinics and were happy to be a part of getting us past the pandemic.

While our clinics are over, it’s not too late for a vaccine. For those of you who are hesitant or fearful, stay open to credible information about the safety of the vaccine and how it will protect you and the people you love. The more people who get the vaccine, the safer all of us will be. Vaccines have eliminated polio, measles, and mumps. Let’s get rid of COVID19.

For more information on the vaccines and for more information on how to get an appointment:

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