A Parent Who Fosters Education

Carolyn Williams is an educator at heart. For the last 30 years as a foster parent, 20 of which with The Arc Baltimore, Carolyn has prided herself as someone who is dedicated to teaching others. Whether it is caring for the foster children in her home, reaching out to assist the other foster parents in our network, or building relationships with primary parents, she is always guiding others toward improvement.

For the two children in her home who require constant attention, she focuses on teaching them how to speak, dress, bath, toilet, hang up clothes, and swim. She has become the trusted parent in assisting children with moving past diapers, and she can typically do it over a weekend. Independence is the end goal.

For her fellow foster parents, she regularly offers her wisdom, especially when it comes to technology and paperwork – and visits with a different parent each month to review their responsibilities so she can help where she can.

Lastly, Carolyn keeps the primary parents engaged in their children’s lives in a warm and friendly way and is always open to sharing resources and advice to assist the children in reuniting with their primary parents.

For more information on becoming a foster parent, contact Bridget Roth at 410-296-2272 x 5317.

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