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Staff Communication

Staff Communication

Welcome to the Staff Communication page. Thank you for the work you do every day!

Educational Opportunities at The Arc

Several of our resident experts developed trainings on various topics including the ins and outs of The Final Rule, developing an “elevator” speech about the mission of The Arc, Waiver 101, the finances of our organization, and the General Assembly and Maryland Legislative Process. Take a moment and enjoy the following videos.

New COVID Procedures in Place

Please review the new COVID reporting procedures.

New COVID Procedures

Attention…. Attention… Fall/Winter Mandatory Arc Vehicle Inspection Days!!!

 Greetings all,

After 20 plus years of managing our Fleet Department, I will be retiring April 1, 2023.  Wow, it’s hard to believe that this could be my last vehicle inspection.  But here I am announcing my last Semi-Annual Inspection, so let me just get at it.

As usual there will be a week of Arc owned vehicle inspections in November.  If it seems like we just did it, it has only been 5 months instead of the normal 6 months. This was due to the Covid restrictions.  We normally have it done in May and November so this will get us back on that schedule for the spring.

As always,  if possible, the primary driver of the vehicle should be the person to bring it on the assigned inspection day. It makes things flow a lot easier when this happens as they know the vehicle and the locations of all the important stuff. (Registration, gas card, safety items, etc…)

So here are the assigned days to attend.

Community Living:

Vehicles at homes under Director Belinda Fomunung – Monday November 14th

Vehicles at homes under Director Arista Williams – Tuesday November 15th

Vehicles at homes under Director Nasasha Parker- Wednesday November 16th

Day Centers:

All locations (Seton, 7215, Dundalk and Homeland) – Thursday November 17th

Landscape, Policing, and Building Maintenance:

Friday June 17th


Special instructions, I will reach out to you at a later date.

Other helpful information regarding the inspections:

Location: Seton Vehicle Repair Shop – 6151 Metro Drive Baltimore Md 21215

Hours of operation: Very Important! 7:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and Friday 7:30 to 12pm. We won’t inspect any vehicles arriving after 2:30pm (no exceptions) Also please don’t come at lunchtime 12:00 to 12:30 as the shop will close promptly at 12:00 and open at 12:30 So, if you are in line at 12:00 to come into the shop for inspection you will need to wait until 12:30 or later to get inspected.

Appointments: No , Never, Never have and aren’t starting now. Please don’t ask for one…..

How long does it take: about 15 to 20 mins to complete once you come into the shop. Wait time outside can vary depending on how long the line is.

Preparation: there will be a staff member outside to get you ready before your entry into the shop for inspection.

All personal items should be removed from the vehicle as The Arc isn’t responsible for any missing, damaged or lost items.

The vehicle should be clean inside and out.

PPE: please remember to wear your face mask and remain with your vehicle until instructed to exit.

You should also be aware that between now and your actual inspection date if your vehicle is in the Seton shop it is possible that it could be inspected then if we have the time to do so.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend on your assigned day. If there is an issue with the day that has been assigned please contact Melody Sengebush or Brent Davidson. (our phone #’s are in the Crash Book)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Brent Davidson Aka… B.A.D.
Fleet Manager


DEI Plan 2022

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is a foundational element embedded in our mission, vision, values and guiding principles.  Everyone working for or supported by The Arc Baltimore should feel as though they can bring their full selves to every environment in which they work and live. A DEI Committee was formalized to focus on this key strategic objective. The committee is made up of a diverse team of Arc staff as well as individuals that we support. I am excited to share the attached organizational DEI vision and roadmap that outlines our DEI goals and objectives for the next three years:

  • Remainder of 2022 and beginning of 2023: Align and Inspire
  • 2023: Improve & Equip
  • 2024 and beyond: Optimize & Achieve

Incorporating DEI into the fabric of our organization isn’t a one-time effort and it isn’t just a 3-year plan.  It is intended to be an on-going strategic objective – one that we will continue to improve upon and learn from with the vision that we become an employer and provider of choice for diverse individuals.

As you continue to hear more about the DEI work ahead, the ask of you is to:

  • Be engaged
  • Keep an open mind and share your ideas
  • Be part of the solution to help move this important work forward
  • Reach out to a committee member with thoughts, ideas, and challenges

Sincerely and with Gratitude,

Kathleen Durkin, Chief Executive Officer
DEI Co-chairs: Kim Scroggins and Patrick Miles
DEI Committee:  Steve Anderson, Meagan Andrade, Melissa Burdine, Kathleen Durkin, Frank Kirkland, Carly McWilliams, Tammy Kaskel, Alethia Lance, Stephen Reyes, Bridget Roth, Millie Santos, Alex Quinos, Val Towson

Our DEI Vision

Wage Increases

I’m pleased to share that effective 9/1, we will increase our DSP starting wage to $16/hr. In addition, to recognize our existing DSPs who have been with the organization for many years, we will give an additional increase based on their number of years with the organization.

DSP Staff – please be on the lookout for additional messaging via iCM and in the US Mail.

I’m also pleased to inform you that a 2.5% wage increase will be reflected in the upcoming payroll cycle for all our non-direct support professionals. The increase will be reflected in the 9/1 payroll for Community Living, and on 9/8 for all others.

Non-DSP Staff – please be on the lookout via email for additional messaging.

We are very proud of your work, and I want you to know that we value the commitment our incredible talent displays every day in the critical and meaningful roles that you are all in.

Sincerely and with Gratitude,

Kathleen and the Senior Management Team

Are you a DSP interested in professional development?

Then you should attend one of the upcoming Maryland DSP Apprenticeship Information Sessions.  Eligible employees will participate in self-paced learning, structured group discussions (virtually), and have the ability to earn financial incentives.  To attend and learn more, open the attachment and please RSVP to me through iCM, email -, or phone 410-296-2272 x5005.  We look forward to seeing you on September 28th.

Boost Your Health & Wealth - Earn $100 Visa Gift Card

We are All Healthcare Heroes

Greetings All Staff at The Arc Baltimore:

Recently I had the honor of accepting an award from the Daily Record for The Arc Baltimore that named our organization as a Healthcare Hero. Most recipients were in the health field – hospitals and medical providers – and so it was notable that we were recognized for our work during COVID to keep people with developmental disabilities healthy and safe. This award is for all of us, for the direct support staff, accountants and supervisors, HSMs, employment support specialists, coordinators, maintenance workers, and ALL OUR TEAM MEMBERS. Thank you for your professionalism and your commitment to The Arc mission.

Post Open Enrollment Reminders

Click the images below to view the next steps with your insurance after open enrollment.

Leadership Institute

Have you ever considered yourself a formal or informal leader?  Do people comment on your ability to motivate others and influence change?  Are you interested in personal and professional growth?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, The Leadership Institute may be right for you.

Do you have a staff member who demonstrates leadership qualities?  Have you been speaking with a staff person about personal/professional development?  Is there a shining star in your department that would benefit from some skill development?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you know someone that you should speak to about applying for the Leadership Institute.  Sometimes personal encouragement from a supervisor to apply is all that is needed.  It also goes a long way to helping a person feel valued and appreciated.  Who will you encourage today?

Applications are now being accepted – the deadline for turning them into the is July 29th.  Don’t delay!

If you have any specific questions about the program, feel free to reach out to me at or through iCM.

LI Flyer and Application

All full-time employees must complete open enrollment by Friday, May 27th!

ATTENTION: All full-time employees of The Arc Baltimore MUST COMPLETE OPEN ENROLLMENT by tomorrow. This applies even if you are not taking your health insurance coverage from The Arc. Open enrollment closes tomorrow, Friday, May 27th. Please refer to the attached enrollment instructions ( or to complete the online enrollment yourself. If you need assistance, contact Veronica Hall at or 410-832-6343.

Enrollment Instructions


As you may be aware, the current surge in COVID is increasing by the day and the State’s positivity rate is over 8%. It’s more than likely that the actual rate is far higher as so many people now take-home tests and do not report the results that factor into the public positivity record.  But I am sure we are all hearing of friends, family, or colleagues who have had cases recently.

Please be diligent in wearing your masks. Encourage those who you may see not wearing them to do so. It’s up to all of us to renew our commitment to keeping one another as safe as possible. Practice social distancing and limit large groups and crowds where you can. We are once again at a critical stage and the variant is highly contagious; many who have already had COVID are being infected again. It’s also still true that many people we support are at most risk due to their other health conditions.

Once again, we encourage our staff and people we support to be fully vaccinated. For those who were vaccinated initially, but may not have thought to get the booster, please take this added safety measure now to protect yourself and others. While the vaccines may not prevent infection, it is a protection against more serious cases and may help avoid hospitalizations. For anyone over 50, you are eligible for the 2nd booster shot. Many pharmacies are taking walk-ins.

We all want this to be over, but it is not. We must keep up our best practices to continue to battle. Together.

Recorded Presentation on Health Care Open Enrollment

A presentation on the changes related to Open Enrollment has been recorded for your convenience. Please make a point to attend one of the live sessions this week, or view/listen to this recording when it works for you. Then schedule your time with a counselor to enroll ( ), or enroll on your own. Questions? Contact or

This year’s annual report is dedicated to the 500+ everyday champions who show up day in and day out for the 1000+ people with disabilities receiving our services. Calpernia, Jamaar, and Kristen’s stories in this report are unique, but they, along with our entire staff of direct support professionals, share a fundamental belief in a world where all people are valued, their voices are heard, and their impact is felt.



Due to the significant reduction in the COVID-19 positivity levels, The Arc Baltimore has reduced restrictions for occupancy in our buildings and programs are further “reopening.”

Administrative office:

While some limits remain for staff in our offices at any one time, visitors are now allowed in the building. Remote/zoom meetings remain a great option and our staff are still working on hybrid schedules of in-office and remote, but we are happy to accommodate needed in-person time.

Day programs:

Every day more of the people supported in Day Services are returning to community activities. In addition, small numbers are in the centers, staggered and in small groups to ensure continued caution. Occupancy will not exceed 70% of the allowable limit at any one time, and should in fact be far less than that given the number of groups that are out going to parks, bowling, and movies, and enjoying other trips to stores and area attractions. Online/zoom classes are continuing as an option as well so that people are experiencing a wide array of opportunities.

Staff and individuals in centers or transporting in vehicles must continue to wear a mask. Some exceptions are allowable for individuals who cannot tolerate the mask, but who are vaccinated.


Programs operating from the Seton Employment Center are continuing to require masking indoors and in vehicles. Visitors are allowed in the building.

Community Living:

Visitors are again welcome in homes, without restriction to space, time, or frequency. Visitors must wear a mask when inside the home, and will still have temperature checks when they arrive. Staff must continue to wear a mask when inside the home. With the worst of the Omicron variant behind us, homes are encouraged to resume activities in the community, and spring is the perfect time to get out. If outside, staff and individuals may un-mask, but should continue to wear masks for any community activities indoors.


New Hope for All is The Arc Baltimore’s self-advocacy group and it creates a space for people whose voices have not always been heard so they can feel empowered and advocate for their rights.  We would like to recruit new members and grow our group.

Meetings are held on the Third Wednesday of each month from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM. If interested, contact Crystal Stephens, Lori Miller or Tammy Kaskel.

Event Flyer


📣📣📣We have seven incredible staff to shout out for May and June! Between them, they represent HR, Day Services, Community Living and Business Services. Be sure to congratulate them when you see them!

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