Staff Communications

Staff Communications

A Shot of Hope for a Shot at Normalcy

QE Coordinator Tracey Scarlett, Clinical Coordinator
Moneen Blake, and Direct Support Professional 
Roxy Malloy are sharing why they chose to get
vaccinated and are calling for their colleagues
to get vaccinated for the betterment of everyone.

Be sure to take the time to hear their stories and be
open-minded to their reasoning behind getting the vaccine.


Our hope is that our staff members who remain hesitant or opposed to the vaccine will keep an open mind and continue to hear from experts and peers. Please help with outreach and share this with your colleagues and appeal to them to attend on June 30th.  Also, here is a hyperlink to the morning forum on zoom for your convenience.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 913 2370 0913
Passcode: 690578


The Institute on Community Integration at The University of Minnesota and the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) are conducting a 12-month follow-up survey (the last of three DSP and COVID-19 Surveys) for their national DSP Workforce COVID-19 study. We really need your help in reaching DSPs in Maryland. If they have at least 200 completed surveys they can create a two-page, state-specific report for Maryland in addition to the longer national report.

We encourage all DSPs to complete this 12-month follow-up and have their voices heard:

The survey closes on July 1, 2021.

Here is a link to their results from the first two DSP/COVID-19 surveys.


I’m pleased to inform you that our Direct Support Professionals will receive another wage increase of 5% - 7.4% in your first pay period of June. We are thrilled to further recognize and compensate for the important work of these staff members. This increase follows the 7% increase we announced in March, and the 5% last September. It brings our base pay rate to $14.50 which we hope will aid our recruitment efforts.

In addition, I am happy to inform our non-DSP staff team that they will receive a $1,000 bonus in the first pay period of June (taxes will need to be withheld). This is much deserved in light of the amazing work performed during the pandemic. The bonuses will appear in the first pay period in June.

You should also be aware that we have engaged an outside firm to conduct a compensation study that will help us deal with some inequities in pay between comparable positions among our diverse departments. This data will help us identify salary adjustments that are needed in the new fiscal year.
Fulfilling our mission takes all of us. Thank you for everything you do.


I want to make everyone aware of recent outbreaks of COVID-19 that we are experiencing at The Arc Baltimore – and ask for your help in preventing the further risk of the virus...

Read the full memo


The Baltimore Convention Center Field Hospital is serving as a COVID vaccine location, managed jointly by the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Location and Transportation Info

Schedule Vaccine Appointment


We continue to be on the lookout for credible information about COVID vaccines. Our hope is that our staff members who have been hesitant to get a vaccine may continue to consider research and data that continues to benefit from the increased numbers of people receiving the vaccine. In addition, more is being learned about the threat of new variants of COVID that are highly contagious.

Check out the Myth Versus Fact sheet by Johns Hopkins University that they recently updated. Please take a few minutes to review and consider your position on vaccines. We will send out the rest of Myth Versus Fact over the next two weeks.

If you need assistance locating a vaccine site or getting an appointment, our receptionist, Regina Campbell, is keeping current information where ongoing vaccines are available as well as some shorter-term opportunities in the region. For assistance, contact Regina at or 410-296-2272 ext 5103.

From 1 to 1536

Please enjoy this brief video recapping our recent vaccine clinics with the words from our staff and people we support about what it was like and what it meant to them. Nearly 800 people took this important step.

For those of you who are hesitant or fearful, stay open to credible information about the safety of the vaccine and how it will protect you and the people you love.  Vaccines have eliminated polio, measles, and mumps. Let’s get rid of COVID19.

For more information on the vaccines:

Baltimore County       Baltimore City




Staff at The Arc - Coping with COVID has been quite the challenge! Please join Dr. Karyn Harvey who will discuss the stress associated with COVID and how to cope with this last lap of the pandemic. Along with discussing coping strategies, she will emphasize ways to stay connected and take care of yourself. Dr. Harvey worked for several years at The Arc Baltimore before expanding her DD consulting and speaking business. She is a well-respected and sought-after psychologist, author, trainer, and speaker. We are happy to have her back.


In order to submit your referral to HR, you can complete the Employee Referral Form found in the My HR section in Kronos.

  1. In Kronos, click on Hamburger Menu (3 lines on top left side of screen)
  2. Click “My Information”
  3. Click “My HR”
  4. Select “Forms” tab
  5. Click “Other Forms” tab
  6. Click "+Add" to the far right of the Employee Referral Form option


If you support anyone that might be interested in the newly launched LGBTQ+ support group for people with disabilities, please contact a co-host Ashley at 443-717-1356 or Melissa at 443-800-6765. They plan to meet bi-weekly on Thursdays at 4 pm.

This group is for people who are looking to explore who they are inside. This is a safe space for people of all different backgrounds to come together, connect, and talk about shared concerns.

LGBTQ+ Flyer

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