Brian Hartman, PDP Group

“Over the last ten years, the environment at PDP has provided employees from The Arc a chance to be part of the working community. It gives them a sense of worth and pride that their contributions play an integral part of our process and success. They form relationships with the staff and become part of the PDP family. Furthermore, it educates our staff that people with disabilities are also people with abilities. This is a lesson that we hope can translate across all communities.”

Mary Ann Powderly, mother

“We thought about Community Living Services for a while. We knew that this would be the best scenario for our son Matthew, and we were very confident that The Arc would meet those needs.”

Donna Motley, supported employee

“The employees that I work with all help me and support me to get done the things I need to do. They are like my family. I love my job.”

Doris Hall, mother

“After my husband passed away, I needed help to fill that role with my son Anthony. We both got a good feeling when we first met his Family Living staff Heather. She is very encouraging and helps him to come out of his shell and try new things.”

Paris Price, supported individual

“I had lived with my grandmother for so long, and I was scared about getting my own apartment with support staff. The staff were very encouraging and helped me to find the best apartment that was close to my family and my job.”

Louis Breschi, Landscaping Supervisor

“As a supervisor, my main job is to listen. I pay attention to all of the workers on my team, and support them in achieving their goals.”

Joce Casser, parent

“At the mom support group, I found out about Parent’s Day Out and thought to myself how great it would be to have four hours of kid-free time. We use it as often as we can and would recommend it to any interested parent.”

Brenda Dwyer, parent

“As a mom with two special needs children, it means everything to me that I have a place at The Arc where I can call for support, information or just talk about any issues that I’m having. They truly listen.”

Barbara Wagner, parent

“The Arc is a big part of my daughter Crystal’s life. Over the years, they’ve helped her with her jobs and her art lessons. Crystal has a lot of friends at The Arc, and we’ve joined The Arc in Annapolis to speak up for all people with disabilities.”

Seth Burdine, individual

“Because of the assistive technology I received from The Arc Baltimore, I’m able to go to work and school and live this beautiful life. The Arc truly changed my life.”