Host an Intern

As part of The Arc Baltimore’s Project SEARCH and Career Catalyst internship programs, the agency seeks local businesses willing to develop an internship position for a supported employee.  Interns from Project SEARCH or Career Catalyst can be beneficial to your business. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Workers with disabilities are an underutilized workforce with the potential to fill your staffing needs.
  • The Arc Baltimore provides initial and as-needed employment training and on-the-job coaching for the intern at no cost to you.
  • Additional work will be completed without any monetary cost to your business.
  • Recruitment costs may be reduced as the interns add to the pool of available trained candidates.
  • Participation enhances your business’ commitment to public service and image in the community.

The list of companies in Greater Baltimore who are employing people with disabilities supported by The Arc is impressive and diverse, and the type of work that people are doing at these companies is equally so. Check them out!

List of Partner Companies
If you have interest in creating an internship position for one of The Arc Baltimore’s program participants, contact our Director of Business Services Kimberly Scroggins at 410-296-2272 x5545.