Planned Giving

If you remember The Arc Baltimore in your will, you will continue to support The Arc mission for years to come. Bequests to The Arc are designated to our endowment which is overseen by the Board of Directors. Since 2012, the Board annually approves a portion of the endowment earnings to be spent on programs that directly improve the lives of the individuals supported by The Arc - activities at the centers, new furniture in the residential homes, emergency assistance to families through the Family Fund, and so much more. This funding grows each year as the endowment grows. Your gift can keep earning within the endowment and allow you to keep giving to the people who matter.

Support The Arc Baltimore and meet your financial goals. Include The Arc Baltimore in your will or name The Arc as a beneficiary of an IRA or insurance policy. There are many financial tools so consult with your attorney or financial planner about trusts, annuities, and other tax savings strategies.

If you are considering a bequest to The Arc Baltimore, contact Chris Knoerlein at 410-296-2272, x 5217.

The Arc Baltimore Endowment and Legacy Society

The Arc Baltimore seeks to acknowledge those who make the ultimate demonstration of commitment to The Arc’s long-term health and viability by including the organization in their Wills, Trusts or beneficiary designations. For this purpose, a Legacy Society will list those individuals and families who have already made a bequest or other form of estate gift – or those who have pledged to do so and have made a provision in their estate plans for such a gift.

Ms. Mary H. Afrookteh*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Baum*
Mr. Sly Bieler
Gen. and Mrs. William C. Bilo
Ms. Kathleen Bormuth
Mr. Marvin G. Burris*
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Butler
Mr.* and Mrs. George F. Carter
Mr. Philip W. Chase, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison
Mr.* and Mrs.* Chester A. Duke, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen McNally Durkin and Mr. Brian Durkin
Mr.* and Mrs.* George W. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans
Ms. Marre F. Fanning*
Mr. Herbert Gibbs
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Glowacki
Mr. Thomas C. Goeb
Sister Vincentia Goeb*
Mr. Robert Goldstick
Ms. Katherine Lambert Hays*

Mr. Rick Hook and Mrs. Taber Hook
Ms. Crystal Isaacs*
Mr. George Janssen*
Mr.* and Mrs.* Jerome G. Katz
Mr. Edward* and Mrs. Helen* Kauffman
Mr. Donald E. Kauffman*
Mr. Steven L. Lessner*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. List
Mrs. Edith M. Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr.
Dr.* and Mrs.* Richard Mayer
Ms. Katy McGuire
Ms. Lori Miller
Ms. Marie L. Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan
Mr. R. Theodore Murphy and Mrs. Carla N. Murphy
Ms. Jeannette Myers*
Ms. Cecilia M. Nelson*
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr.
Mr. Sean O'Conor and Mrs. Stacy O’Conor
Ms. Margaret Palmere*

Mr. Mark T. Paré
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pritchett*
Mr. Dennis F. Rasmussen
Mr. Murray Reiter* and Mrs. Alyce D. Reiter*
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sand
Ms. Virginia W. Safranek*
Ms. Mary E. Scott and Mr. Gary Heinlein
Mr. Christopher Adam Serio*
Mr. Harry R. Shriver, Jr.*
Ms. Donna M. Sills, Esq. and Mr. J. Michael Sloneker
Mr. James Howard Southers
Ms. Kathleen Sweeney
Mr. Robert Sweeney*
Mrs. Margaret Black Ulle* and Mr. Wilbur Ulle*
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Laura Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winterling, Jr.
Ms. Patricia White* and Elizabeth Goeke*
Mr. Eugene H. Wood, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Yancisin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young

* deceased  

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