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Hello to all Community Living Staff:

Welcome to the Community Living News page where we will communicate more information with our staff. Because we are so large and dispersed across the community, communication has always been a big challenge for us. On this page, you can access important information and navigate through The Arc Baltimore’s site. We hope this will assist in providing more consistent and timely communications with everyone.

Thank you for the work each of you does every day!


(Added 2/18/20)


(Added 2/18/20)

As you may have seen in The Arc Baltimore’s Strategic Plan, one of the long-range strategies that is outlined is, “The Arc Baltimore will restructure its organization and systems to successfully embrace the Community Rule and Maryland’s new reimbursement system”.  Having the proper staffing resources is critical to our mission.  As the workloads continue to grow and change, we need a strong foundation of “the right people in the right roles”.  To this end, we are pleased to announce that we are making some structural changes primarily in our Community Living Division.

One of the major requests Leadership has heard over the years is that we need “Lead” staff in our community living homes.  We are pleased to report we will make that happen for 55 of our homes by creating a House Manager position.  We also will be rolling out 9 new “Holistic” Support Manager positions.  The “Holistic” Support Managers will be responsible for the overall supports for those on their caseloads across each division/service type, advocating with the people supported, supporting them with their Person-Centered Plan, helping obtain the appropriate funding and being the primary liaison with their family and team.  These positions are critical given that we will soon be navigating approximately 45 new funding streams and need a position dedicated to monitoring those supports.  As of now, these Support Managers will only be for people supported in our Community Living program.  People supported who only receive Day and Employment services with us will still be supported by their Goal Implementation Specialist (GIS). Those in Family Living will also continue to reach out to their Coordinator.  To lead the newly created Support Manager positions, we will be shifting one of the Community Living Director positions and creating a Director of Holistic Support Management. All of this is able to be done by strategically shifting roles and resources to better meet the needs of those supported.  Stay tuned for more details at departmental meetings or through ICM/email.

As you can imagine, this will be a big undertaking but we strongly believe this is the structure we need to properly support our staff and to meet our mission each and every day under the new waiver.   Please know, we can’t do this without you.  You are the backbone of the organization and we hope you will be patient and support us through these changes.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Vice President of your division.


(Updated 2/14/20)

The Arc Baltimore is in the process of transitioning from two different systems for HR / Timekeeping / Payroll / Scheduling to a singular system Kronos Workforce Dimensions. The new system will be live effective 3/1/2020. During the transition to the new Kronos system, staff will notice important changes in the work processes listed below.

All employees will have access to Kronos Workforce Dimensions.

W2/Check History: Staff will be able to log-into the Ultimate Employee Self-serve (ESS) until 3/15/2020 to download W-2 and Paycheck Stub history. After 3/15/2020, W2s and Paycheck Stubs, both current and historical, will no longer be accessible.  Please log into Ultimate ESS before 3/15/2020 to download any needed W-2s or Paycheck Stubs.  After 3/15/2020, W-2’s can be downloaded from the IRS website.

Direct Deposit Changes: Effective immediately all changes to direct deposits can only be made through a paper form. The form can be found on the Ultimate ESS under forms. After 2/16/2020 staff will be able to make changes electronically to their direct deposit accounts or set up new accounts.

Tele Punches: Effective 3/1/2020 at 12 am, staff will no longer be able to use Teletime to punch in and will need to use the Asher Telephony system to record tele-punches. The phone number for Asher Telephony is (443) 241-8370. Please enter your employee ID number only one time to record a punch. Asher Telephony can only be used to punch, once the phone number is dialed the system will request your employee ID # resulting in a punch. Punching in or out will be the only capability available. For all other time inquiries, staff will be able to log into the Kronos Site or use the Kronos mobile app.

IMPORTANT:  Staff that start the shift at 11 pm on 2/29/20 will use the current Teletime number to punch in, then after 12am they will punch in again but this time on the New Asher number (443) 241-8370 and all punches from that point will be using the new number.

Username: Your Username for the new Kronos system will be your current employee ID #.



(updated 10/2019)

Community Living staff – please find this helpful troubleshooting guide that should help solve many of your computer, printing and networking issues without the need to contact our IT Department. If the guide doesn’t solve your issue, please contact us at

Computer Troubleshooting Guide


(added 10/18/16)

Click on the link below to view and use a video created for participants in the Healthy Weighs program. The good news is that everyone can use it. Gather the people in your house for some healthy movement designed to help with Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Endurance. Do all the activities in one session or spread it out over a few days. Let’s help each other get more fit with healthy movement and healthy eating.

Watch the instruction video now!