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Hello to all Community Living Staff:

Welcome to the Community Living News page where we will communicate more information with our staff. Because we are so large and dispersed across the community, communication has always been a big challenge for us. On this page, you can access important information and navigate through The Arc Baltimore’s site. We hope this will assist in providing more consistent and timely communications with everyone.

Thank you for the work each of you do every day!



It is time for the semi-annual vehicle inspections! We want to keep our vehicles well maintained and safe for you to operate.

Here’s what you need to know:

Community Living

East and Central – Monday May 20
West and Central – Tuesday May 21

What you need to do:

Bring your Arc assigned vehicle to the Seton Vehicle Maintenance Shop (6151 Metro Dr., 21215) on your scheduled day.

Hours of operation: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. We won’t inspect any vehicles arriving after 2:30 pm or at Lunchtime between 12:00 and 12:30. Please avoid arriving late or coming at or near lunchtime. If you are in line at 12:00 to come in the shop to be inspected be aware you will be waiting until after 12:30 before we are back to work.

We don’t make or take appointments.

Inspection time takes about 20 mins to complete once you are in the shop. Wait time outside can vary depending on what time you get here and how many vehicles are in front of you.

You will need:

  • the vehicle registration
  • vehicle gas card
  • vehicle crash book
  • monthly vehicle report
  • first aid kit, safety triangle(s) and will be instructed what to do with them.

No personal items should be left inside the vehicle (The Arc isn’t responsible for any missing or damaged personal items). The vehicle should be clean inside and out. You should also be able to provide the mileage of your last engine oil change, the windshield reminder sticker is great but having a copy of the last oil change invoice would be helpful.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend (this is Mandatory!) but if for one reason or another you can’t make it on your assigned day contact Melody Sengebusch (443-814-6244) or Brent Davidson (443-677-0994) for alternative days.


(Added 4/9/19)


(added 1/17/19)

Please be sure to read the following memo from our Chief Operating Officer Kim Becker regarding updated safety and security policies at The Arc Baltimore.

Memo From COO Kim Becker on Safety and Security at The Arc

If you should have any questions, please be sure to contact Kim Becker.



(updated 4/2018)

Community Living staff – please find this helpful troubleshooting guide that should help solve many of your computer, printing and networking issues without the need to contact our IT Department. If the guide doesn’t solve your issue, please contact us at

Computer Troubleshooting Guide


(added 10/18/16)

Click on the link below to view and use a video created for participants in the Healthy Weighs program. The good news is that everyone can use it. Gather the people in your house for some healthy movement designed to help with Strength, Balance, Flexibilty and Endurance. Do all the activities in one session or spread it out over a few days. Let’s help each other get more fit with healthy movement and healthy eating.

Watch the instruction video now!


The Arc Baltimore is in need of guest bloggers for its blog.  If you, someone you support or their family might be interested in developing a blog post, please contact Chris Knoerlein at 443-279-3299 or Topics can range from reflections on particular events or topics or just a retelling of a particular interesting story. Chris can come out and take pictures as well to go with the blog.

Check out the Guest Blogger Guide to see if you can do it.


The purpose of this packet is to guide teams through the assistive technology process. The Arc Baltimore’s Assistive Technology (AT) staff leads are here to support individuals and their teams in making AT decisions and acquiring needed services and devices to help people achieve their goals. Please consult with the AT staff leads for support as you work through this process. Any form mentioned in the Guide can be accessed in the Appendix below.

AT Guide For Teams

AT Guide Appendix

For questions about our Assistive Technology program, please contact our AT staff leads at or 410-296-2272 x 5319.