Legacy Society

Legacy Society

The Arc Baltimore Endowment

The Arc Baltimore established an endowment fund in 2004 for the purpose of creating a permanent legacy that would serve the organization in perpetuity. The Board of Directors directed that when the fund reached $1 million, the Board could begin to use earnings to either contribute to special one-time uses to benefit people receiving services, to existing programs, to establish new programs, or to relieve matters of crisis.

Since it was established, family members, donors, long-time members, and other friends of The Arc Baltimore have made bequests, established trusts, or contributed valuable stock. Others have initiated named funds to help grow the endowment. These gifts helped the endowment fund reach the $1 million threshold in 2012.

How the Endowment is Used

As a result of the endowment’s growth, in 2013, the Board approved the first distribution from earnings -- $30,000 – and that has grown every year since, (with $120,000 approved for FY23) – to support a variety of initiatives including: landscaping of Arc homes and patio/deck furniture purchases, emergency assistance to families through the Family Fund, memberships at Baltimore area attractions for outings from centers, inner harbor cruises for adults supported by The Arc, start-up for a new family support group, holiday decorations for Arc supported homes, outreach videos, and much more.

Each year, The Arc Baltimore Board of Directors reviews the growth of the endowment and the annual earnings to determine what amount may be available for use in support of The Arc mission. In this way, all contributions or estate gifts to The Arc Baltimore endowment will offer both an immediate impact and a permanent legacy for the future of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

 Legacy Society

The Arc Baltimore seeks to acknowledge those who make the ultimate demonstration of commitment to The Arc’s long-term health and viability by including the organization in their Wills, Trusts or beneficiary designations. For this purpose, a Legacy Society will list those individuals and families who have already made a bequest or other form of estate gift – or those who have pledged to do so and have made a provision in their estate plans for such a gift.

The Arc’s Endowment Fund is an investment in The Arc Baltimore’s future and all of the men, women, children, and families we will be here to support in years to come. Please consider a pledge to The Arc Baltimore and join a growing Legacy Society – for the future.

The Arc Baltimore Legacy Society (9/1/22)

Current members:

Mr. Sly Bieler
Gen. and Mrs. William C. Bilo
Ms. Kathleen Bormuth
Mr. Marvin G. Burris
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison
Ms. Kathleen McNally Durkin and
Mr.Brian Durkin
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans
Mrs. Rita Feher*
Mr. Herbert Gibbs
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Glowacki
Mr. Thomas C. Goeb
Mr. Rick Hook and Mrs.Taber Hook
Mr. and Mrs. James A. List
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyon
Mr.* and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr.
Ms. Katy McGuire
Ms. Lori Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan
Mr. R. Theodore Murphy and Mrs. Carla N. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr.
Mr. Sean O'Conor and Mrs. Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver
Mr. Mark T. Paré
Mr. Dennis F. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sand
Ms. Mary E. Scott
Ms. Donna M. Sills, Esq. and Mr. J. Michael Sloneker
Mr. James Howards Southers
Ms. Kathleen Sweeney
Mr. Joseph Ward and Mrs. Laura Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Winterling, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Yancisin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young

Deceased members:

Ms. Mary H. Afrookteh*
Mr. and Mrs Jerome Baum*
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carter
Mr. Philip W. Chase, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Duke, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ellis
Ms. Marre F. Fanning
Sister Vincentia Goeb
Ms. Katherine Lambert Hays
Ms. Crystal Isaacs
Mr. George Jannsen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Katz
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Helen Kauffman
Mr. Donald E. Kauffman
Mr. Steven L. Lessner
Mrs. Edith Madden Lowry*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mayer
Ms. Marie L. Moore
Ms. Jeannette Myers
Ms. Margaret Palmere
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pritchett
Mr. Murray Reiter* and Mrs. Alyce D. Reiter
Ms. Virginia W. Safranek
Mr. Christopher Adam Serio
Mr. Harry R. Shriver, Jr.
Mr. Robert Sweeney
Mrs. Margaret Black Ulle and Mr. Wilbur Ulle
Ms. Patricia White and Elizabeth Goeke
Mr. Eugene H. Wood, Jr.
* deceased  

Named funds within the endowment:

Marre Fanning Fund
Macsherry Family Fund
Chris B. Mayer Fund
Steve & Dianna Morgan Fund
Nigel Robinson Fund
Dan Rosner and Maria Hudak Rosner Fund

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