Custodial Supported Employment

Operated primarily from The Arc Baltimore Employment Center at the Seton business park, crews of supported workers, provide custodial services at commercial properties and public agency sites all across Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Every crew of supported workers is dispatched with supervisors who watch out for their needs and train them in the requirements of the job. While some supported workers enjoy the custodial work and choose to stay in this type of work, others learn good work practices and then wish to find other employment opportunities.

The pay scale for custodial work is generally minimum wage without paid sick or vacation time.

Supported workers in janitorial may self-transport to and from work whenever possible, or transportation may be arranged by The Arc.

Here are a list of companies that happily employ workers from The Arc Baltimore.

For more information on Janitorial employment opportunities, please contact Bob Fonte in our Outreach Department at 410-296-2272 x 5310.