Training Available for Agencies

Training Title: Assistive Technology Guide: A Team Approach and the DSP’s Role

Training Description: For most of us technology makes things easier, but for a person with a disability, it makes things possible. In this workshop, you will learn about Assistive Technology (AT) and hear stories about how AT has helped people achieve greater independence and community inclusion. You will be given a new AT resource guide along with strategies for using it to help get the right AT for people you support. In addition, we’ll talk about some of the common barriers and strategies for supporting a person with AT. The goal is that you leave this workshop feeling empowered to get someone the tools and support they need for greater independence!

Cost: $350 per training (plus $20/hour for travel)

Length: 60-90 minutes (depending upon your organization’s time availability)

Information or booking: Contact our Director of Assistive Technology & Information Systems Daphni Steffin, MBA, ATACP, at 410-296-2272 x5206.