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Open Future Learning

Open Future Learning

Open Future Learning is an online learning provider 100% dedicated to the field of intellectual disabilities.

They collaborate with revolutionary thinkers, the leaders in our field, and incredible storytellers, including: Dave Hingsburger, Beth Mount, Simon Duffy, Bernard Carabellow, Jack Pearpoint, Patti Scott, David Pitonyak, John Raffaele, Dave Hasbury, Linda Kahn, Kathie Snow, Janice Bartley, Joseph Macbeth, Peter Leidy, Julie Beadle-Brown, Myles Himmelreich, and many more!

They cover a broad range of subject areas while remaining 100% dedicated to the field of intellectual disabilities, with modules on subjects such as Active Support, Person-Centered Approaches Thinking and Planning, Challenging Behavior, and Supported Employment, just to name a few. Learning is made easy with a range of multimedia tools that engage the user. This includes interactive graphics that explain abstract concepts, short films with closed captions, animation, and audio that is synced to all written content.

You can use Open Future Learning on a computer, tablet, or phone. Their Audio Learning Modules are perfect for learning on the go. Their Side by Side Learning Modules have been created so that support staff and the people they support can learn together. All of our Learning Modules can be used by groups of learners. Administrators can then use their dashboards to track and issue certificates and accompanying documentation to all who attended.

Open Future Learning is the resource that will change the way you think about your work and the way that you support people.

Check out more videos just like this on the Open Future Learning Youtube Channel.

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