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My Saturday Southern Sunshine

My Saturday Southern Sunshine

By Shane Hargest
Disabilities Advocate and Building Accessibility Reviewer

I’m headed down to my sanctuary where I can be closer
to God than I can ever be.
I can laugh and be myself and nobody ever judges me.
I glance at this girl, and she comes up to me.
Her smile is angelic and affectionate as a warm summer breeze.
She’s just as pretty as she can be, and I admit I have the southern blues.
But, why do all these doctors think they know what I need, really.
All I need is a dose of my Saturday Southern Sunshine.
She just takes me away from my reality.
She puts my mangled body in the pool.
Emotions running high, I forget why I’m here as I look into her eyes.
I call her my Saturday Southern Sunshine.
We float in the water as my blues seem to go away.
I no longer have a care in the world.  
I call her my Saturday Southern Sunshine.
With a gentle voice and a southern accent, she whispers about drinking sweet tea…we laughed.
I call her my Saturday Southern Sunshine.
She puts in the walker so I can float in the water when this world seems to weigh me down.
In this water, it’s just me, a place where I may be able to connect with God and just be free.
Someday soon, I’ll stand before God and ask him to drown my wheelchair,
and watch my sorrow go down the drain, just like the man in the Bible that laid there for 38 years.
I will put these sorrows behind me.
I will be healed from my imperfections, the same way my Southern Sunshine heals me.
One day, we will jump for joy giving thanks for the perfect sunshine.

“My Saturday Southern Sunshine” is a poem written by Shane Hargest, a disabilities advocate and speaker who aims to “change people’s perspective” about individuals with disabilities. In addition, Shane conduct accessibility assessments at local businesses to ensure that they provide appropriate accommodations for all people.  Shane recently chose The Arc Baltimore to provide him employment services.

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