Color Our World

COVID has challenged us all. The Arc has not been spared, but has responded. What has been gray and foreboding on our worst days is also, on our better days, filled with color and hope as we keep people safe, healthy, and happy.

What happened? Residential services ramped up to 24/7 for nearly 200 people, meaning staffing increased from 300 to 470. Many in Supported Employment were deemed essential workers at hospitals, grocery stores, and even nursing homes. Safety routines are now normal and programming continues to evolve. Day programs offer virtual classes – for skills development, learning computers, or enjoying art, theater, and musicals. Porch visits further reach those for whom remote classes and virtual meetings just don’t work.

COVID’s impact on The Arc is most importantly about the people we support, but the economic cost has been severe as well. Thankfully, new grants and generous contributors have closed some of the gap, but we are not out of the woods and the pandemic continues.

Color Our World replaces the normal live mission appeal at Art in the Round and these funds are critical. Donate directly to the campaign at Even better, visit the site and set up your own page to crowdfund from your own friends and family to benefit The Arc. Personalize your page with your own motivation to support The Arc, or adopt one of our Hall of Fame artists found at www.xxxxxx to fundraise in their honor.

Art in the Round is but a small sample of the beautiful colors that people with disabilities offer to our world. Your contribution to Art in the Round and our Color Our World campaign is for now in this great time of urgency – and for beyond – for a more beautiful world where we are all valued for our talents and unique abilities.