COVID-19: 3 Ways to Help

The Arc is currently providing essential supports to 300+ people with developmental disabilities. Spread across homes across Baltimore, staff are providing both physical care and support for those who are medically fragile, as well as needed comforts and distraction in this tough time. We are providing supplies to keep homes sanitized, outfitting with needed face masks and other protective equipment, and even getting them puzzles and card games to help pass the time. The Arc has staff in the homes around the clock. In addition, outreach to several hundred other folks with disabilities who have been laid off from their jobs is allowing us to get them food from our pantry and other resources and reassurance to weather this storm.

Normal funding has been disrupted and fundraisers delayed while costs go up for all the extras currently needed. The financial shortfall is significant, and we are turning to our community for support. If you want to help, we’ve provided three easy ways to do so below!


During this crisis, we are buying supplies (food, cleansers, rubber gloves, toilet paper, etc.) daily, and we are recognizing and rewarding our frontline staff with bonuses and hazard pay. Please, if you can, make a financial contribution today to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Give online or send your check to 7215 York Road, Baltimore MD 21212.

Donate Today



We’ve compiled an Amazon wishlist of items – art supplies, board games, word searches, outdoor games – that will help the many people stuck in their homes find comfort and distraction. When you purchase something from the list, it will come directly to our main office where all items are packaged and distributed.

At this time, certain supply orders through Amazon are not being accepted due to the backlog. If you can order these elsewhere and have them shipped to us at 7215 York Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212, we would be grateful.
Antibacterial hand soap
Paper towels
Lysol disinfectant spray
Clorox disinfecting wipes
Safety Glasses





The Arc has a limited supply of masks to provide more safety and security in our homes. If you’re a seamstress willing to make some masks for us, we would be grateful. Here’s a link for a helpful DIY site with the specs you need. Not into sewing, but you have fabric or elastic you can donate – let our Director of Volunteers and Interns Debbie Staigerwald know if you can sew some masks or donate fabric at

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  1. Denise LeBrun

    I can make about a dozen masks. But I do not have filters to add to them.


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