Annual Report

This Spring 2020 issue of the Advocate is dedicated to sharing aspects of our new strategic plan, namely our new mission, vision, and value statements, and, for the first time, guiding principles. It includes the key strategies of the plan and some short examples of the plan in action.

The plan is a result of an extensive process last year with input from 600 stakeholders and an assessment of the external changes underway in the Federal and State regulatory and funding environments. Our board of directors and staff leadership then took an in-depth approach to address the organizational systems needed to position the agency for the future.

Finally, this issue of the Advocate includes elements of our annual report which we are not producing this year so that this printing can be shared beyond our membership and donors, to all the families whose loved ones we support, and all our partners and stakeholders.

Cover photo of Spring 2020 Advocate and 2019 Annual Report

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