A Letter From Steve Announcing The Arc Baltimore Blog

By Steve Morgan, Executive Director

Time is precious. It’s why The Arc Baltimore strives to keep all of our online communications as concise as possible. We want to convey to you the essentials of Arc news and resources along with some of the fun event pictures and success stories in a way that you can digest quickly.

At the same time, we have issues, challenges, victories, trends, and sometimes even debates that we want to share with you, but they can require more detail and data than we generally include. We also want to invite your reactions and insights on these matters – which leads me to announcing and kicking off The Arc Baltimore Blog. Here we will require a bit more time from you, our readers, but we hope to offer more depth and perspective, and this online application will give you a way to respond to or to share the post with others. I will write here on occasion, as will others from our senior management team, program leaders, and those who receive support from The Arc Baltimore.

Here’s some of what we hope to cover:

The challenges siblings face when they assume responsibilities for the social, legal, emotional, and financial matters that their parents handled in the life of their sister or brother with disabilities.
The roadblocks we encounter in finding more and better job opportunities for youth transitioning from school to the adult world.
The individuals with disabilities who are happily living longer lives and who now want fulfilling retirement options.
How assistive technology is unlocking words and other outlets for expression.
The balance of having inclusive communities and integrated social outlets with affinity gatherings and events that may be perceived as segregated.
What parent advocates face in the quest for the best education they can get for their children.
And more.

We will try to not over-do the blog, but do justice to the voices in our community. Hold us accountable as we work on this and let us know what you like, what you think, and what you want.

Best regards,

Steve Morgan 
The Arc Baltimore
Executive Director

One Response to “A Letter From Steve Announcing The Arc Baltimore Blog”

  1. It seem that you guys do some amazing, much needed work within the Baltimore community. As a proud Baltimore native and local business owner, I would like to thank you all. Please let me know if Closing Gaps, Inc. can do anything to help as you continue your efforts.


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