Request for Reconsideration of DDA Eligibility Re-determination

In the past most children who applied to be on the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) waiting list for services in the hope of receiving services after they completed school at age 21 were determined to be Supports Only Eligible, with the note that they would be re-determined as DD Eligible when they turned 18.

DDA is moving to a system where only people who are determined as DD Eligible will receive services and many individuals have received letters informing them that they will no longer receive Targeted Case Management services (also known as Service Coordination). With a designation of Supports Only, the removal of Service Coordination services, and the fact DDA will no longer be automatically reevaluating a child’s eligibility at age 18, your child’s eligibility for future services is at risk.

You may have already received a letter from DDA or had contact from your Service Coordinator (also known as Coordinator of Community Services or Targeted Case Manager) about this change of status. We strongly recommend that, if relevant, you ask for reconsideration of your child’s eligibility status now. Otherwise, it is likely that your child will lose the chance for services from DDA in the future.    It is important that you do this now. The window to ask for this reconsideration will close soon. Here are the two documents that you need complete and to send:


STATE HEARING REQUEST FORM – Termination of CCS Services for Individuals on the Waiting List with Supports Only Eligibility

If you have any questions as to whether these concerning changes apply to you, we can assist. Please contact Bob Fonte at or (410) 296-2272 x5310.

2 Responses to “Request for Reconsideration of DDA Eligibility Re-determination”

  1. Dorian Cast

    I am moving to Montgomery County in October and was contemplating trying to work with the ARC in Rockville, but I was told that I need a DDA letter, I have gone through DORS before, and just needed to know what to do to get ahold of the letter. Thank you.

    • Chris Knoerlein

      Hi Dorian,

      Please call 410-296-2272 and ask for a representative from our Outreach Department.
      They can assist you.


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