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Are you interested in becoming a foster parent?
All foster parents must complete 29 hours to get licensed with The Arc

Mandatory Trainings:
Tuesday, 1/23 5-9pm
Wednesday, 1/29 5-9pm
Thursday, 1/30 5-9pm
Monday, 2/3 9am-3pm
Tuesday 2/4 5-9pm
Wednesday 2/5 5-9pm
Thursday 2/6 5-9pm

All trainings held at 7215 York Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212

Contact Gina Smith at 410-296-5087 x5320 to register

The Arc Baltimore, in partnership with the state's Department of Human Resources and Social Services, provides special needs children throughout the Baltimore area in Maryland with treatment foster care services. Each child presents a special set of challenges. However, all share the need to be part of a loving family - a family willing to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which these children can grow to reach their full potential.

Become a Foster Parent

The Arc Baltimore works in full partnership with foster parents - caring people who have opened their hearts, minds and homes to children in crisis. Working closely with The Arc's professional staff of social workers, foster families create a supportive, safe and loving family environment for the child. In this therapeutic setting, children have the opportunity to learn the skills and behaviors
they need to grow into adults capable of leading full, satisfying and successful lives.

While intensive support, training and consultation are provided
by The Arc Treatment Foster Care, it is the foster parents who must offer not only love, but a high level of commitment to a child who will require very special attention. If you are family-focused and believe in giving something back to the community, there is a place for you on The Arc Baltimore's Treatment Foster Care team.

Here are answers to questions you may have:

Why choose The Arc Baltimore?
Are you Foster Parent Material?
What is required of you to become a Foster Parent?

For info, contact Family and Children Services at (410) 296-7667





2012 Foster Parent of the Year




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